We design comprehensive and personalized interior and audiovisual solutions. We have solid experience and a broad understanding of the usage needs of different buildings and facilities, whether it is a swimming pool, sports Hall, shopping center, nightclub or home.

In the design, we implement the functional definition of the AV spaces and the cost estimates in cooperation with the customer. We consult on the needs of both new and renovation projects. In addition to extensive audiovisual design services, we are also happy to help in other areas.


Audiovisual solutions are often designed and procured last in a building project. This often means the customer is no longer able to implement their plans as desired.

PST provides planning and consulting from start to finish of the project. To ensure that everything goes together from the customer’s perspective, we work with architects as well as building and electrical designers to achieve this.

Customer orientation

Our design always starts with the space's usage needs and the customers wishes. Overall design that meets real needs always serves the user much better than general audiovisual solutions.

The result is a comfortable, user-friendly space that improves well-being and makes an impression.



If necessary, we offer consulting assistance or carry out procurements from tendering to delivery on behalf of the customer.

We also advise on the acquisition of AV packages.


PST does not represent specific manufacturers, we compare and tailor the best from manufacturers around the world.


PST stands out from ordinary importers and larger competitors with its flexibility.

We are at our best in situations where something is considered impossible.



We install interior and decoration elements as well as audiovisual systems and equipment. We also carry out AV technology upgrades and on site repairs.

We brand and personalize our customer's facilities into easy-to-use and breathable areas, which increases well-being at work and improves the comfort of the area / space.

In addition, we offer maintenance and user training for ready-made solutions.


We operate at the human level of thinking and implement solutions that do not require the management of complex systems or several different remote controls.

We implement a lot of centralized tablet-based solutions that can be combined with, for example, calendar or motion detection control.


We assemble personalized elements such as profiles and LED strips by hand and deliver them to the site where they are installed together with the interior designer.

The result is a personal and customer-orientated solution that takes the space experience to a whole new level.


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Haluamme toivottaa Menestyksekästä Uutta Vuotta 2021!

Samalla tämän sertifikaatin myötä kiitämme asiakkaita ja yhteistyökumppaneita kuluneesta vuodesta⭐️

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